Pop & Jazz Konservatorio

Briefly In English

Pop & Jazz Conservatory – First in Finland

Pop & Jazz Conservatory was established in 1972, which makes us the oldest school of rhythmic music in Finland. We offer both basic music studies and vocational upper secondary qualification of music. All programs are in Finnish language.  You will find us in our brilliant new building ”Soiva” at Muotoilijankatu 1 B, Helsinki, where we share the premises with the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Music playschool – Interaction, Learning by Hearing, Creative Expression

Music playschool is for 0 – 6 years old children. Children have a natural ability to search and find new ways to act more creatively and we want to support this intrinsic creativity from a very young age. Interaction, learning by hearing, and creative expression are essential for rhythm music. They together form a base for the rudimentary education of rhythm music. Living through music in a daily basis is important – every experience is valuable!

In music playschool, we offer different types of groups for pre-school children, who come to a lesson once a week, 45 minutes at a time. Visit our page in Finnish https://popjazz.fi/hae-opiskelemaan/musiikkileikkikoulu/ for more information and enrollment.

Music as a Hobby

For full information of Basic Music Studies and fees, please visit our page in Finnish: https://popjazz.fi/hae-opiskelemaan/musiikki-harrastuksena/

Basic Music Studies for children and young people – Set Goals for Music Studies

Basic Music Studies offered by Pop & Jazz Conservatory belong to advanced syllabus. These studies include individual instrument lessons and group lessons: theory studies and playing together on levels 1 – 14. Teaching is provided for several instruments. Basic Music Studies are mainly meant for children and young people, but also adults can apply. Application yearly through an aptitude test.

Instrument Training for 7 – 9 year old children – Finding the Instrument

Purpose of Musical Instrument Training is to familiarize with the most common wind, string and percussion instruments. The child will play a different instrument each semester, which will help him/her to better choose his/her favourite instrument to continue with in the future. Application yearly through an aptitude test.

Band workshop for 6 – 12 year old children – Learning to Play in Group

In Band workshops children will learn basics of group playing. Lessons include body rhythmic, singing and playing. Though some children may have instrument skills already, this is not necessary, as in the workshops everyone can try out different instruments. There is no aptitude test for attending, enrollment is open for anyone interested.

Vocational Education in Music (Performing Musician or Music Technology)

Vocational upper secondary qualification of music (180 competence points) is for students who want to graduate as a performing musician or in music technology in the field of rhythm music. For more information, visit our page in Finnish: https://popjazz.fi/hae-opiskelemaan/ammatillinen-koulutus/